Italian Course for Foreigners

Italian Course

Our Italian course is suitable for students of any nationality. In the program, the grammatical foundation and the essential tools for correct use of the Italian language are taught by native speakers.

Besides classroom lessons and onlinewe propose socio-cultural activities for effective integration in the Italian social and professional context.

Students also have the possibility to prepare for the exam PLIDA - Official certification of the Italian language.

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Italian Course in Calabria

Convent Centre organizes a dynamic and engaging Italian language course in our beautiful seaside town, in Amantea (CS). Based on your needs, on how many days you plan to stay in Calabria, and, of course, based on your language level, we will propose the most suitable solution.

You could stay at our characteristic Casa Convent, the apartment that once housed the Capuchin Friars, located just above the Convent Center, in the city center. The town of Amantea best represents the variety of the Calabrian territory. Between one Italian lesson and another, you can enjoy the sea and the vibrant city life.
During your free time, you cannot miss the panoramic walks in the surrounding mountains, the exploration of the center and its numerous historic churches and, obviously, a little relaxation on the beach of Amantea.
Finally, make sure you don't finish your course without having tasted the many local products such as “Bocconotti” filled with chocolate and almond paste and fig pastries.


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Why is it important to study Italian?

Did you know that good knowledge of the Italian language offers advantages in finding work, not only in Italy, but also in many other countries? Thanks to Italy's numerous international economic and political relations, there is a good demand for translators, interpreters and mediators who know the language and culture of the Bel Paese well.

But also - for passion!

Prof. Paolo Balboni of the Foscari University of Venice, declared that Italian is studied out of passion, not out of necessity. Studying Italian means having a motivation linked to cultural passions and the need to cultivate them by studying "the language in which these passions flourish".