English Courses for Adults


Enroll in our English course for adults. It's never too late to study!

Attending an English course for adults has significant advantages, including keeping the brain active and receptive to the new stimuli. 

Let's dispel the myth , that only children can easily learn a foreign language! Recent studies have shown , that English, even as adults, is an extraordinary resource for the mind, considering that learning foreign languages delays diseases such as Alzheimer's and senile dementia, promoting the nervous system and brain activity.

But who are the students of our English course for adults?

The students in our English course for adults are driven by various motivations:work-related needs, family obligations, travel or relocation, or simply the desire to challenge themselves with a language that has become a universal means of communication. Speaking English has now become one of the things everyone should know how to do, much like reading and writing. 

Some do it purely for fun! Studying English in a group makes learning even more in gruppo rende l’apprendimento ancor più dynamic and engaging.

Rule #1 – Never get discouraged!

The psychological component is fundamentalit helps overcome the embarrassment of pronunciation, accept the limited initial vocabulary that makes expressing ideas and thoughts feel restricted, the fear of being misunderstood, or appearing funny or awkward. It's a bit like returning to the gym after a long time!

What are you waiting for? Start your English course for adults at The Convent Centre.

It is essential to choose the right method to learn a language, entrusting your time and efforts to the right teacher for you! The Convent Centre will assess your initial language knowledge level and propose the most suitable language path for you.

We work with a small number of students per class and also ensuring an uniformity in linguistic knowledge criteria allowing the teacher to focus carefully on each student.

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