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The Convent Centre introduces the homework help and specialized academic support service

The Convent Centre organizes homework help activities, assisted study for various subjects (foreign languages, humanities, and sciences), and lessons providing pedagogical support.
We cater to primary and secondary school students, offering both individual and small-group lesson programs.

The homework help service is conducted by qualified teachers with experience in school teaching.

Schedules, frequencies, and methods are flexible to meet the needs of the users.

Our homework help service:

Students can work individually or in small groups (min. 3 participants/max 8).

In any case, it is a targeted and comprehensive educational path useful for addressing any previous gaps and strengthening study methods with serenity and awareness of one's potential.

The objectives are to support students in managing and organizing tasks, promoting personal autonomy by acquiring study methods, and fostering academic and relational self-esteem.

A discount is available for the second child.

Additionally, our teachers can offer study support lessons, which are part of an individualized specialized after-school program, an educational space open to all children with learning difficulties. It is designed especially for those with diagnoses of Specific Learning Disorders or Special Educational Needs.

Trust in the professionalism of The Convent Centre. Explore our courses.

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