Cambridge English

Rely on The Convent Centre for your language certification

Each year, numerous students, employees, and professionals pursue language certifications to enhance their opportunities for admission to both Italian and international universities, as well as to boost their career prospects.

Certifying your English proficiency is beneficial for:

  • academic purposes: certifications are recognized by all Italian and foreign universities
  • labour market: enhance your CV and become more appealing to the recruiters
  • competitions and rankings: increase your score in various rankings

What certifications do we offer:

Cambridge Assessment English 

Trinity College London

Gatehouse Awards


We are a Preparation Centre N. 119805

Common European Framework of Reference for the Knowledge of Languages ​​(CEFR)

Quadro comune Europeo di riferimento per la conoscenza delle Lingue (QCER)



Why is important to certify your English?

If you plan to participate in a public competition, it's advisable to certify your English proficiency right away. Exams typically have different levels, and the "minimum" level required in public competitions is usually B2.

To obtain a recognized certification, you need to take an exam with one of the entities accredited by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (M.I.U.R.).

The Convent Centre is a Preparation Centre for Cambridge English exams and an examination venue for Trinity College London. Additionally, we prepare our students for the Gatehouse Awards exams. Gatehouse Awards.

What is the added value of the language certification?

Possessing a language certification is undoubtedly one of the best tools to support your children's educational journey and propel them towards a successful future:

The added value provided by the language certifications is significant in both - the professional and the educational fields.

In the educational context, the importance of certifications translates into educational credits awarded for the final exam;
For some universities, it may grant the exemptions from either a portion or the entire English language test based on the certification. Meanwhile, it is a crucial requirement for admission to degree courses and Master's programs at foreign universities.
In the professional field , certifications enrich Curriculum Vitae and constitute an advantage in European contexts, being officially recognized plus throughout the European Union.

Today, to seize significant job opportunities, both in Italy and abroad, it is important to have a language certification attesting to the ability to speak the language fluently, a requirement now sought in almost all professional fields.