Online Speaking Sessions

English Conversation

Sessions dedicated to English Conversation provide a great opportunity to practice English without the formality of a traditional lesson. During The Convent Centre's Speaking Labs, participants engage in discussions on current and shared-interest topics with a native English-speaking teacher guiding the conversation.

English conversation meetings can last from 30 minutes up to a maximum of 1 hour and take place online, both in the late evening or during the lunch breaks.

Why not turn break times into opportunities to improve your English and become more fluent in speaking?

Let's spend the lunch break together conversing in English. By optimizing your time, you not only make the most of it but also enjoy a meaningful and diverse lunch break, all while meeting new people!

Begin enhancing your English skills now!

Who is the English Conversation – Speaking Lab for?

Speaking sessions are ideal for those who cannot attend regular classes due to work, study, or other commitments. They are also suitable for those who already have an intermediate-advanced level of English and simply want to practice the language more, consolidating their knowledge and developing confidence in conversation. sicurezza nella conversazione.

The advantages of participating in Speaking Labs:

- improving your comprehension and spoken proficiency in English

- having a native English-speaking teacher to contact for any doubts or requests,

- receiving advice and suggestions for further self-study of the language,

- maintaining and refining your language knowledge to avoid devaluing years of study.

It is possible to create packages that include multiple conversation sessions also in other foreign languages.

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